Jennifer Spatz

Jan 8, 2019 2 min


In November of 2018, our partner organization, The Rose International Fund for Children (TRIFC), which helps children with disabilities in Nepal, escorted 14 guests on a 15-day ‘tour-de-force’ trip to Nepal to experienced many of the country’s sights, sounds, culture, beauty, nature and people, while supporting the good work of TRIFC.

Trip participants experienced fulfilling volunteer activities on TRIFC-supported projects with meaningful interactions with both adults and children with disabilities. These projects included a deaf women’s empowerment group , a carnival for children with disabilities , a visit to with blind/visually-Impaired students at Sanjiwani School and a demonstration and shopping at a center where Nepali people with disabilities create beautiful craft work.

Particularly rewarding was the afternoon carnival the group of visitors put on for the special-needs kids at SERC (Special Education Rehabilitation Center) just outside of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Here is what one of the trip participants wrote about this trip:

“If you’re considering going with Rob (TRIFC Founder) to Nepal, I suggest you stop thinking about it and just do it! We had an amazing adventure. We met so many warm and caring people, and we gained a totally new perspective of our world and the people in it. The opportunities to learn about the Nepali culture and get involved with local non-profit organizations are so enriching, and I can’t think of many ways to make such a direct impact on people’s lives. We’ll remember this trip forever and are already thinking of when we’ll go again!” - Armen

Other trip highlights included guided sightseeing visits to World UNESCO heritage sights, including Swayambhunath Stupa and Boudhanath Stupa, the historic city of Bhaktapur and Pashupatinath Temple, a visit to beautiful Pokhara and enjoy boating on the lake, and hikes. Adventuresome souls on the trip experienced an optional moderate level 2-day trek to Australian Camp!

Please consider joining im电竞官网下载s on a life-changing two-week experience to Nepal with TRIFC in the Fall of 2019 that will be richly rewarding, enjoyable and meaningful! (Or consider our shorter family-friendly trip in April, 2020.)

Visit TRIFC's Facebook page for more amazing photos of this 2018 adventure!

More about TRIFC:

TRIFC provides educational, medical and empowerment programs for children and adults with disabilities in Nepal, impacting over 500 children and adults each year. Providing a reusable sanitary protection kit combined with hygiene education for schoolgirls with disabilities is one of TRIFC’s major initiatives. Another major effort is to develop a better education system for students with blindness & visual-impairment. TRIFC believes that every child with a disability in Nepal deserves a chance to dream.

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