Learn, Serve and Immerse on a family tour of Nicaragua!

Due to current political instability in Nicaragua, we are not offering trips to this destination right now.
Join im电竞官网下载s on an amazing tour of Nicaragua, and become part of the community by taking part in projects that benefit the locals.  All of our tour offerings emphasize authentic cultural experiences to give you a true taste of Nicaragua:

Nicaragua: Learn, Serve, Immerse 

Join im电竞官网下载s in an incredible journey to delve into the culture and society of contemporary Nicaragua.  We will work with a small community outside of Leon to support their many endeavors, such as building safe, fuel-efficient stoves and latrines, supporting the local school, or organic gardening to increase food production.  


A highlight of this tour is sure to be the three night homestay with a host family, living as they do, helping to prepare meals and participating in the daily routine of the house. Together you will learn how to cook a proper Nicaraguan meal and interact directly with the members of the family, learning names, games and sharing traditions from your world and theirs. Become a part of a family and create a bond that will continue to grow with each new exchange.

Transformative Travel Connections: Nicaragua Family Trip

This immersive 10-day trip to Nicaragua is part of our year-long  Transformative Travel Connections  (TTC) program, which includes pre and post-travel workshops connecting with Nicaraguan youth through visual storytelling, learning about the  United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals , community development challenges and potential solutions in Nicaragua, and its history and culture. Participants will enjoy outdoor adventures exploring Nicaragua’s volcanoes, beaches and lagoons, and visits to handicraft workshops and other cultural and historical sites!

In June of 2015, we packed up our cleats and headed  to beautiful Nicaragua where we stayed with local families, built a soccer field and taught soccer classes in Chacraseca, a small community outside of Leon. Our team worked hard for 3 days to build the multi-purpose field, which will be used for both playing soccer and as a community gathering place.  Read more about the trip on our  blog , or see trip’s  photo gallery .  We are happy to help your team build a similar soccer exchange in this amazing country!

Yoga Retreat in Nicaragua – Restore Your Soul!

Enjoy a relaxing yoga retreat in Nicaragua with im电竞官网下载s and two of the Seattle area’s top yoga instructors!  Rejuvenate daily with yoga classes overlooking the Pacific Ocean, guided intention-setting sessions, plenty of beach time, hike a local volcano, enjoy amazing food and options to, surf, SUP Yoga, and kayaking.

A highlight of this trip is our time with the women of the   Earth Education Project , a non-profit organization that empowers women with the skills needed to integrate into Nicaraguan society and labor market. Relax, immerse yourself in nature, and become part of a global family community by giving back!

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