This summer, im电竞官网下载s invites you to join us on a family travel exploration of the culturally rich magic of the Sacred Valley of Peru, the oldest civilization in South America!

Machu Picchu, Peru

If you’re anything like our Trip Leader Fernando, his bucket list always included Peru. Having traveled to six of the seven continents in the world, Fernando says Machu Picchu has been the highlight of all his travels. He describes it as “a testament of incredible courage and vision that lead the Incas to be regarded as masters of architecture and engineering.” Fernando shared, "I understand why so many travelers around the world come to visit these fantastic ruins. It is a site that mystifies and intrigues myself, travelers and historians from around the world.”

Trip Leader Fernando dancing with Peruvian community

We invite you to join us and Fernando (seen above dancing with the locals), as we learn more about the ancient Inca civilization and explore around Peru’s Sacred Valley. In our Peru: Learn, Serve and Immerse trip, we’ll travel by train to Machu Picchu (one of the Seven Wonders of the World), hike the ruins of Ollataytambo, Sacsayhuaman, experience the agricultural circles in Moray and enjoy traditional Peruvian fare as well as local celebrations and festivals.

Agricultural Terraces of Moray, Peru

At im电竞官网下载s, we believe the most powerful (and exciting) way to learn is through first-hand experience. We’ll immerse ourselves in Peruvian culture by staying with a women’s weaving cooperative in Chinchero, learning traditional Andean weaving and dying methods, and bond with locals over Peru’s national sport, soccer! While we’re here to support and educate you in your travels, we believe that the country and its people are truly your best teachers.

Working with Peruvian women in the Sacred Valley

As a way of giving back to the community that so kindly hosts us, we’ve put together a wonderful service project in collaboration with Peruvian non-profit Awamaki , whose goal is to empower women with a skills-based education and connect them to income opportunities.

Volunteering in Peru

Together, along with the locals, we’ll build a center so that local Peruvian women can have a dedicated workspace and storefront to successfully engage with tourists and the global markets. Along with being immersed in the service project, you’ll be able to practice your Spanish, help prepare traditional Peruvian lunch dishes and connect with people from a different culture!

For more information, download a full itinerary here, or contact us at

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