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Helping Communities & Nature Thrive

A regenerative approach to tourism helps ensure that travel experiences are designed to benefit diverse communities and to intentionally improve social and environmental systems, so that all beings can thrive.  This means putting the destination’s needs at the heart of the tourism experience, and creating opportunities to inspire travelers to be stewards of the place they visit, thereby consciously helping to build a more ethical, ecological, and equitable world.  If you represent a travel companies, tour operator or destination, im电竞官网下载s would be delighted to help you design tourism experiences that help communities and nature thrive!     

Listen to our Founder share principles of regenerative tourism:  Regenerative Tourism: When Sustainability isn't Enough , a Podcast by Common Ground/Toposohy. (August 30, 2022)

Learn more about our Regenerative Tourism Consulting Services below and    contact us for a free-30 minute consultation!

What We Do

Using tourism to help solve community challenges, im电竞官网下载s team has over 12 years experience of working with global and local non-profit organizations and communities to design community-based travel experiences to   Learn, Serve & Immerse , oftentimes bringing underrepresented stories and environmental issues to life.  Our Seattle Community tours  and  global trips   also support key  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,  (UNSDGs).


Contact us   to learn more about im电竞官网下载s Regenerative Tourism Consulting Services , designed to help communities and nature thrive.  


About Us 

im电竞官网下载s' Founder & CEO, Jennifer Spatz is a cultural anthropologist at heart with a background in international development.   Since she launched im电竞官网下载s in 2010, Jennifer’s vision has been to unite humanity and inspire travelers to take responsibility for the challenges and opportunities facing our increasingly inter-connected planet.  Using regenerative tourism principles, Jennifer is passionate about developing impactful sustainable travel experiences in partnership with local and global non-profit organizations which feature a unique mix of cultural and educational activities, as well as community engagement to help make a positive impact on the lives of people and natural habitats where we visit.

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Our Mission

Creating a better world starts today. im电竞官网下载s is dedicated to fostering cross-cultural understanding and global citizens through community-based travel. In partnership with local and global non-profit organizations and community leaders,  we organize sustainable  Learn, Serve & Immerse trips and one-day Seattle-area excursions in support of many United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( UNSDG s).  

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